What is EYE?

A network of young epidemiologists with around 250 members. See more information on how to join us by clicking here.

How did the EYE start?

The idea of organising a network of European Young Epidemiologists within the IEA European Epidemiology Federation was born at the Department of Epidemiology of the University of Porto Medical School, Porto, Portugal. During the 1st European Congress of Epidemiology in September 2004, young people from several countries talked about it and all received the idea with enthusiasm and interest. The Board of the IEA-EEF immediately supported and encouraged the initiative.

What are the aims of the EYE?

To establish contact among young epidemiologists in Europe (who we are, where are we working, areas of scientific interests for research, what specific problems and resources we share) To establish links between Young Epidemiologists in order to facilitate future collaboration in scientific research To engage in the development of epidemiological research methods, in order to promote and advance their quality To foster the adequate use of epidemiological research in the domains of public health and clinical medicine To discuss and intervene in the future of epidemiologic research; for instance, in opportunities for funding

How to join:

If you are interested in joining EYE, please email us at eyepidemiologists@gmail.com confirming that you meet these eligibility requirements.

Membership criteria:

  1. You should somehow be involved in epidemiologic research or teaching.
  2. You should be a MSc student, MPH student, PhD student, or junior reseacher with less than 10 years of experience.

Do I get a discount on IEA membership as an EYE member?

Yes you do! EYE members can apply for a full IEA student membership. For more details: IEA student full memberships

Who is in the EYE board?

  • President: Alexandre Vivot, MD
  • Community Manager: Ljupcho Efremov, MD
  • IEA Early Career Epidemiologists representative for Europe region: Ester Villalonga, PhD

This association would not be here today without the commitment of previous EYE board members: Natacha Carragher, Ester Villalonga, Emily Stockings, Melanie Boeckmann and Audrey Jung.